The Collection of Long Discourses - This collection makes up the first major division of the Sutta Pitika or Basket of Discourses. It consists of thirty-four long discourses of the Buddha grouped into three vaggas or volumes that are the:

1. Silakkhandha-vagga — The Large Division Concerning Morality (13 suttas)

2. Maha-vagga — The Great Division (10 suttas)

3. Patika-vagga — The Patika's Division (11 suttas)

The discourses in these volumes or divisions describe the Buddha's teachings, give historical accounts of his life, describe teachings of other religions of that time and narate question and answers sessions on a variety of subjects. As a whole, these discourses give a comprehensive description of the ethics, instructions and understanding of his teachings.


The Large Division Concerning Morality - This book contains thirteen long discourses which deal extensively with various categories of moral behaviour and its benefits that are available to all. It also explains how various views or beliefs begin, the consequences of holding such beliefs and the path of investigation that is central to the Buddha's teachings.

The Great Division - The ten discourses in this division form the most important ones of the Tripitaka dealing with the biographical descriptions of Enlightened Ones, Gods(Brahmas), gods(devas) and Great Men. It also contains the historical information on the last days of the Buddha and key doctrinal explanations of the Buddha's teachings.

Pathika's Division - The remaining eleven long discourses in this division describes the mystical wonders and the origin of things, marks, practices, social ethics etc. This division also contains the numerically formulated summary of the Buddha's teachings.

The Recital - The Venerable Sariputta under the instruction of the Buddha taught a retinue of monks a compilation of the Buddha's teachings in the form of a recital classifying each collection of points under separate heading group of the ones, twos etc. to facilitate easy memorizing and recitation.

The Tenfold Series - This discourse, a reiteration of the previous sutta was delivered by the Venerable Sariputta to encourage the monks to strive for enlightenment by teaching the Dhamma classified under separate heads as Group of the Ones, twos ect. until the group of tens.